What is IPTV Bouquet?

why you need to know about IPTV What is Bouquet?

Gen IPTV which is one of the best IPTV Providers is offering more than 13.000 Channels and more than 10.000 VOD, if you have the full list of channels in one group and you want to find one channel or VOD maybe it will needs all days search between channels but think they divided to Groups, maybe country based or topic based groups, this Groups lets you find your desired channel or VOD very fast, this is what is IPTV Bouquet.

When the channels list is divided into particular groups such as movies, sports, documentaries and etc. it is called Bouquets. This feature facilitates the process of channel finding.

How to edit IPTV Bouquets

In order to edit your M3U playlists, you must first download the M3U file on your computer and then open it with Notepad and start deleting the unwanted channels. After deleting the undesired channels, click on exit and save the changes. Now you can upload this edited playlist to your IPTV device and your new playlists will be placed.

GENIPTV offer both unorganized and organized M3U URL to you, you can ask GENIPTV Best Premium IPTV Provider Supports team to remove unwanted bouquets for you so loading of M3U URL time will come down and also you will have less IPTV Groups for searching.
you should know GEN IPTV is a worldwide IPTV provider so we support all countries and many kind of channels but you as a user might not to use some of them which you can contact GENIPTV support Team and remove undesired Bouquets of channels to have better IPTV Experience.

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